Why free internet tricks never works for me - Given 5 reasons

Why free internet tricks never works for me - 5 reasons

Most of times for getting a free internet trick we search in Google and in couple of seconds we went to a Site providing us a free internet with some tricks.than after that completing a survey we get trick in

BUT when we try to connect with it,oops it fails to connect most of times :-(

For verifying this tricks really works or not or these tricks works in my area or not we see comments and what we got dat some saying '' Yes itz  working for me thanks admin '' and you got some comments from your area too, Sometimes.

So question comes whats wrong with me, why these free internet tricks never works for me..I will give u answer today

These are the most commonly used tricks for free internet 



5 errors which we get while connecting to internet or why these tricks fails for you and how to fix it are given below

#1- You may shock, that most of the times these tricks fails because your phone is't remain connected with PC or Laptop . I have talked with some friends which has same problem and i got dat most of them using phone and while they were connecting to internet with  NMD VPN or PD Proxy and  there phone got disconnected because of the little movement .. So i will strongly recommend u keep your phone stable or try with your dongle 

#2 If you connect with internet one day and after that next day you try to connect but it does't got connected it means the vpnbook Password is being changed so you have to go to the VPNBOOK WEBSITE  and get a new password ,it hardly take a minute .You will get it from first page, you don't need to give any email address any thing like that extra nothing.

#3 One more silly mistake what we do is that not opening NMD VPN as a administrator. Itz compulsory that if u are using any VPN in your system you have to use it as administrative always . For doing it right click on VPN icon and select run as administrative

#4 If you are using or trying with UDP VPN trick and it does't working for you it may requires some kind of pack activated . Always read Read.txt  documents carefully.

#5 If u were using these tricks in past and these were working for you . But now these does't work for you it means your sim card may got blocked by service provider. Try with some another sim card.

These are the most common errors which cause failure of of free internet tricks but if still your problem exist free free to comment here. I will try to fix it as soon as possible 


  1. i have write lots of vpn, front query, proxy handler hack post in my blog http://freegprsandtrick.blogspot.com. all tricks work my android smartphone and desktop pc. but some friends tell me via comment box. not working. reason confused. when i read your post. confusen clears. thanks for its great article

    1. Thanks for compliment Chetan :), I had wrote this article exactly for what you are saying..

      if you give a link at the end of every free internet post This article will help your readers for sure..and of-course it give me courage too :D

  2. how can i make my trial account for unlimited access


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